Hello, My name is Tom Grassel, I live quietly in Conestoga, PA.  Over the years I have developed a strong interest in  historic life on the farm in Southern Lancaster County.  I began making models of the Conestoga Wagon after getting involved locally with the Conestoga Area Historical Society.  After selling  a few of these models I wanted to make additional models to portray simple life on the farm as it has been in centuries past.  I have now put together a large collection of these models and would like to sell them to the public from my homestead here in Conestoga, PA.  Each of my models is to 1/8th scale.  If you are interested in purchasing a model, you can reach me by calling  (717) 872-4362.  In the meantime please navigate through the pages to the left to see my current models.  You may find one that interests you.  Thanks and have a great day!


Thomas Grassel