10 Acre Farm Wagon

Antique 10 acre wagon carving

10 Acre Farm Wagon with Hay Flats and Tobacco Ladders

This wagon was used on small farms as a wagon for hauling all sorts of goods and had two extra bodies that were used for hauling fresh cut tobacco that had been speared onto lathe or to bring in hay from the fields. It is modeled after a wagon built by A.S. Hersh of New Danville, PA in the late 1800’s. The original wagon is on display at the Conestoga Area Historical Association museum in Conestoga, PA.

This 1/8 scale wagon with optional tobacco and hay racks is constructed by the Conestoga Wagon Works craftsmen of wood with copper fittings and steel tired wheels. It measures 18 inches long. It is painted red and blue.

The optional horse or mule teams are hand carved by Tom Grassel, a long time farmer from Conestoga. The rough carvings are done by Dennis Herr with the final carving and painting done by Tom. The horses and mules are carved from bass wood and feature harness that is handmade from leather.

Prices for the wagons are as follows:

    Wagon only                                                          $600.00

     Optional Tobacco Rack                                       $150.00

     Optional Hay Rack                                              $150.00

     Wagon with (2) Horse Team                             $1200.00

     Wagon with (2) Mule Team                              $1200.00

Wagons with teams are mounted on a display board. Optional Plexiglas display covers are available on request.  Mules and horses can be painted as requested. See pages devoted to these items for colors combinations.