Conestoga Wagon

Conestoga Wagon Replica

1/8” scale replica of Conestoga Wagon

The Conestoga Wagon is a heavy covered wagon used during the eighteen and early nineteenth century for freight service in eastern Pennsylvania. It was built heavy enough to carry up to six tons of cargo. It was drawn by teams of Conestoga breed horses or mules. It was designed with a belly to keep barrels from rolling when the wagon went up or down hills.

Our one eighth scale model is created by Conestoga Wagon Works crafters after a wagon on display at the Conestoga Historical Museum located in Conestoga, PA. The mules and horses are carved by local carver Thomas Grassel.  The wagon is available separately or with a set of mules or horses mounted on a wooden display base.

The wagon measures 30 inches long, 17 inches high, and 13 inches deep. It is constructed of a poplar frame with birch planking. The handcrafted wheels have steel tires and hand turned maple spokes and hubs. The canopy hoops are steam bent oak.

The wagons are made one at a time and vary slightly from one wagon to the next. The original wagons were made by many different makers with no two versions exactly alike. It takes the crafters at Conestoga Wagon Works upwards to 65 hours to construct and paint these wagons. Careful inspection will show all the small individual parts necessary to complete the model.

The optional horse and mule teams are hand carved by Tomas Grassel, a long time resident of Conestoga, PA and are carved from basswood with real leather harness. They harness parts are authentic to the harness used on the original teams.

Prices for the wagons are as follows:

Conestoga wagon only                                                     $995.00

Conestoga wagon with one team of horses or mules      $1595.00

Conestoga wagon with two teams of horses or mules    $2195.00

Conestoga wagon with three teams as shown above       $2795.00

Wagons with teams are mounted on wooden display bases. Optional Plexiglas display covers are available on request. Horses and mules can be painted as requested. See pages devoted to these teams for color combinations. Wagons are all painted the same in blue and red.