Disc Harrow

Disc Harrow 2

1/8” scale Disc Harrow

The disc harrow was used by farmers to break up the ground after it had been turned over by the plow. Early disc harrows were either two or four sections  that could be set either straight or turned to give and “X” shape to change the amount of soil slicing that was desired. These settings could be controlled by the operator as he went thru the field. At the end of the row the sections would be set straight for the turn around and then reset to the “X” shape at the start of the next row.

The harrow is fabricated by the Conestoga Works craftsmen and is patterned after the 18th And 19th Century harrows pulled by a team of two or four mules or horses abreast to each other.

Our disk is fabricated of brass angle stock with steel disc plates. Levers and linkage are constructed of copper or brass. The harrows are painted either red or green.

The harrow is 1/8 scale and measures eight inches across and nine inches long.

The optional mule and horse teams are hand carved by Tom Grassel, a long time farmer from Conestoga with rough carvings

being done by Dennis Herr. The mules and horses are carved from bass wood. Harness parts are handmade from leather.

Prices for the harrows are as follow:

Disk harrow only                                                               $350.00

     Disc harrow with one team of two mules or horses          $950.00

     Disc harrow with one team of four mules or horses        $1550.00

     Optional team driver                                                          $100.00

Disc harrows with teams are mounted on wooden display boards. Optional Plexiglas display covers are available on request. Horses and mules can be painted as requested. See pages devoted to these teams for color combinations.