Mower McCormick

McCormick Deering Mower Replica

1/8” scale McCormick Deering Horse Drawn Mower

The McCormick mower came about during the late 19th century. They were used for cutting hay and for trimming around pastures and along roads. The mower featured replaceable cutters that could be sharpened and reused.

The mower is complete with a tool box, hammer, chisel, and wrenches.

Part of the mower is made of aluminum castings from patterns made by the craftsmen of the Conestoga Wagon Works. These casting are made by an Old Order Amish foundry in Lancaster county. The rough casting were hand filed to their finished size. The balance of the metal parts are hand made.

The mower is 1/8 scale and measures about nine inches wide with the bar down and about a 16 inches long with the draw bar. It is painted in the traditional red and yellow colors. It is designed to be pulled by a two mule or horse team. An optional operator is available.

Mower 100th anniv

The mower is available as a polished brass 100th Anniversary model. The castings are produced from the same patterns at the Amish foundry.

Prices are as follows:

Standard McCormick mower only                                                 $595.00

Polished brass 100th Anniversary mower  only                             $695.00

Standard McCormick mower with team of mules or horses        $1195.00

Polished brass 100th Anniversary mower with team                   $1295.00

Optional driver                                                                             $100.00

 Mowers with teams are mounted on wooden display bases. Optional Plexiglas display covers are available upn request. Horses and mules can be painted as requested. See pages devoted to these teams for color combinations.