Mules with Harness

Mules with Harness

A mule is the off spring of a male donkey and the female horse. For heavy work they are bred using a draft horse as the mare. They are more sure footed and have a longer life span than a horse.

These mules are rough carved by the crafters of the Conestoga Wagon Works and are hand finished by Thomas Grassel, a local farmer in Conestoga, PA. As a young man, he farmed 60 acres using mules. He does the final carving and painting. No two mules are exactly the same as they differ in real life.

The mules are carved from basswood. They take many steps in their creation from a solid block of wood to the finished piece. It takes about 20 hours of work to produce one mule with the its harness. Mr. Grassel crafts the authentic harness from real leather with steel chains.

These mules are available in several colors. They range from light to dark colors and are made to order. The colors are sorrel, black, and gray.

Prices for these mules are as follows:

Single mule with harness                                       $300.00

 Single team of two mules with harness                 $600.00

Double team of two mules with harness              $1200.00

Triple team of two mules with harness                $1800.00

 When ordered with a wagon, these mules are secured to a wooded display board. Optional Plexiglas covers are available.